15 Super Simple Brain Break Exercises

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Do you know a child who gets antsy after sitting a long time? Is homework or seated work a chore? Believe me when I tell you, you are not alone! In fact, this is something we have struggled with both in our home since we started to homeschool, and in the past when we had to struggle through our homework from public school. A few years ago, I started incorporating brain break exercises into our daily routines and quickly learned how much easier seated work was for everyone involved.

Simple Brain Break Activities

Simple Brain Break Activities
I am excited to be working with our awesome sponsor, Handee Band, to bring you 15 super simple brain breaks you can use with your kids at home, in school, or just for fun! At the end, we have a little surprise for you, so be sure to stick around to check out our little gift to you!

What are Brain Break Exercises?

What are Brain Breaks


Brain breaks are simple, easy to do exercises that engage the body and brain in activity. They are used as a break from seated work, as a calming activity after high levels of excitement, or as an arousal exercise after long periods of “brain work”.

They can be as simple as hopping on one foot or practicing yoga stretches. They can pre-determined by a set of cards and instructions or they can be impromptu.

These simple exercises are a wonderful way to engage children in movement in a fun and exciting way when getting to the park or a large open field isn’t immediately available.


Why are Brain Break Exercises Important?

 Research has proven time and time again that kids need to play and they need movement to learn. Brain breaks are excellent for providing children with quick and easy ways to incorporate that movement into their school day, when they would otherwise be sitting for long periods of time.

Another incredibly important factor in child development and learning is the organization of their sensory systems. A child’s sensory system is directly tied to their ability to sit in a chair properly, hold a pencil and even write legibly. These daily “school” tasks require children to have increased muscle control and core strength, which they often lack.

With just 5-15 minutes a day, brain breaks will increase upper body strength, increase muscle tone, allow children to gain motor planning skills and so much more.

Handee Band Exercises

Our sponsor, Handee Band, makes these brain breaks even easier with an easy to follow guide with ADORABLE characters that your children will love (I know mine do).

Handee Bands provide sensory (proprioceptive) input so children gain a better understanding of where their bodies are in space and the amount of pressure required when pushing or pulling. Proprioceptive feedback can be calming for a child who needs to move constantly or is very active....

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