Back to school: Exercise Movement Breaks help Kids Learn!

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Let's be honest, exercise these days is hard to fit into our busy daily lives. And it's even happening less and less frequent with children in their schools. I always love when a child tells me they still have swings and a climbing structure on their playground or they still have PE.  I always deflate when a child tells me they have only some balls and hula hoops on their playground.  Although those are fantastic pieces of play equipment, they still do not provide a child's body with the exercise and strength it needs in order to learn, grow, and feel confident.

At home or in the classroom, getting kids moving doesn't need to take much time. The best part about it is that once kids get started, they have fun and they want to do it again! Exercise for the growing child, increases attention, motivation, coordination and strength, brain activity and creativity.  One of the easiest ways to incorporate exercise at home or in the classroom is to let it happen naturally in your own routine.  For example, after snack time or dinner at the table, frog jumping to the trash can or kitchen sink and then back to the table or to rug time, gets the exercise job done. Taking exercise movement breaks during homework or center's in the classroom only take seconds.  Jump in place 10 times, marching, or doing 10 jumping jacks and then sit back down, clears the mind for learning, increases attention and energy. Below are 3 quick and easy exercise movement breaks for kids at home and in the classroom! See how fun it can be and just how amazing it is for kids focus and attention.          




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