Therapy Band Exercise Program for Kids

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So often, we see kids with weakness. They struggle with climbing monkey bars, maintaining grasp on a pencil, coloring with endurance, maintaining posture with a strong core, manipulating snaps and buttons, and so much more. A consistent home strengthening program can help with these skills.
A therapy band is such a power tool in providing needed and calming proprioceptive sensory input, too. Many times, therapists will add therapy band exercises to a sensory diet. There's a reason why! Slowly pulling and maintaining a position on an expanded therapy band creates resistance, providing proprioceptive input that kids need.

Why use a Therapy Band Exercise Programs with Kids?

There are several motivating reasons to incorporate a therapy band exercise program into home programs and therapy regimens: 

  • Use as a movement break for alerting input or calming input
  • Exercise for increased attention
  • A tool for coordination and strength
  • On-the-go therapy tool that can go anywhere a school-based OT or home therapist goes
  • Easily incorporated into home programs
  • Can be easily modified for use by a large caseload
  • Can be used with individuals or in a group setting


Therapy Band Exercise Program for Kids

There are a few things that a great therapy band exercise program has when it comes to strengthening programs or exercises for kids. 
Here are a few MUST-Haves when it comes to a motivating therapy band exercise program for kids:
FUN- A therapy exercise program for kids must be more than a simple handout copy of exercises. That exercise sheet is sure to land on the top of your therapy clients refrigerator. A therapy program that has bright colors, fun characters, games, and interactive components is a win!
Creative- A therapy exercise program that uses animals, monsters, creatures, and fun characters is one way to get kids moving and coming back to try out those exercises again and again.
Easy- A home program that kids can (and want) to do themselves is one way to ensure carryover. 
Engaging- A bright and colorful exercise program with fun fonts, hands-on flip cards, and creative characters who get in on the exercise action are all part of a exercise plan geared to create healthy habits.
Motivating- Checklists that kids can mark, erase, and rewrite, fun stickers, and a game make therapy band exercise programs fun and not boring...a plan that kids want to do!


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