Handee Band E-book

Handee Band E-book

  • $13.95

This is the BRAND NEW e-book version of our popular Handee Band Exercise Book! Our e-book includes:

  • 15 Handee illustrated exercises with easy to follow 5-step directions
  • Printable Handee Checklist, to track progress

You'll receive your download e-book and checklist as soon as you purchase, so you can start working on the fun and easy exercises right away! But don't forget to purchase your very own stretchy Handee Band to do each exercise just right! We recommend you purchase 2 or more Handee Bands to go along with the directions listed in the e-book.  

Handee Bands are sold separately.  Handee Bands are 4 Feet long, 6 lb Resistance Band with Hand Prints printed on the band. Handee Band resistive bands are LATEX FREE. 

Handee Band resistive bands are not intended to be used for oral exercises. Do not chew the resistance bands. Handee Band resistive bands should not be used without adult supervision. 
Allow 3-5 days for shipping of your Handee Band. 


  • Published: 2015
  • Language: English
  • Audience: Ages 3-7
  • Size: 7.06 MB
  • Print Length: 21 pages

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