Handee Band Family Pack

  • $53.95

What about getting the whole family together for Handee Band Exercises!?!?! This kit has your family covered with everything you need to get fit and healthy together!! Spend 10-15 minutes each day, as a family activity, while encouraging healthy habits, having fun and getting stronger, all at the same time! 

The Family Pack includes:

15 Handee Illustrated exercises with easy to follow 5-step directions on ring cards,

Dry Erase Handee Checklist, reusable to track progress

1 Dry Erase Handee Marker

16 Meet the Gang Stickers

1 Handee Band Spinner Board Game, it makes choosing which exercise to do a sinch! Simply take a turn, "flick" and when the spinner lands, it will "pick" the exercise.)

4 Handee Bands (Each Handee Band is 4 Feet long x 5 1/2" wide (6 lb Resistance Band with Hand Prints printed on the band)  

 Handee Band resistance bands are LATEX-FREE

Handee Band resistive bands are not intended to be used for oral exercises. Do not chew the resistance bands. Handee Band resistive bands should not be used without adult supervision.
Flat bands can break with misuse such as:
- performing exercises that overstretch the band
- wrapping band around shoes and performing lateral movements
- standing on band on abrasive surface such as asphalt, concrete, carpeting, etc.
- standing on band with sharp objects in soles of shoes such as small stones,      debris, etc.
- standing on band with cleats, running spikes, etc.

To prevent premature wear and breakage, follow these instructions:
inspect exercise band before each use for nicks, tears, or cracking, and if found, discontinue use and replace worn band

wear appropriate footwear when using exercise bands and inspect soles of shoes for small stones or other sharp objects prior to use

don't stretch a band beyond 3 times its resting length

don't wrap band around shoe to perform exercises as it will wear out the band

don't use bands on rough or abrasive surfaces (asphalt, concrete, carpeting, etc.)—instead perform exercises on a towel or mat

store bands away from direct sunlight and avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, salt or chlorinated water.