The New!!! “You got it all” kit!

The New!!! “You got it all” kit!

  • $28.50

This kit comes with it all, to help with fine motor strength and gross motor strength!!! 

You get our NEW Stretchy Handee Man pediatric hand exerciser that comes with 5 motivational exercises and our one-of-a-kind fitness band with 15 exercises.  All of our ring cards are thick with solid construction for durable play.  The Illustrated exercise cards also come with easy-to-follow directions.  Our fitness band exercises are designed to stimulate the mind and develop awareness of the body, while improving fine motor, upper body and core strength, as well as sensory input. 

Both ring card sets come with a dry erase checklist, to encourage healthy activity on a routine bases.   Our dry erase marker has a built in eraser and this kit comes with BONUS stickers of each Handee Band character!! 

Stretchy Handee Man is sized for kids 4 and up and also makes a great fidget, while providing sensory input! Easy to clean, washable, latex-FREE, Phthalate-free, and hypo-allergenic.   

Our resistance band is LATEX-FREE 

  • Handee Band resistive bands are not intended to be used for oral exercises. Do not chew the resistance bands. Handee Band resistive bands should not be used without adult supervision.