How To Use Your Handee Band:


In our video, Tessa and Sebastian will show you exactly how to do each of the 15 exercises in our Handee Band Exercise Kit. 

If you are a mom exercising with your kids or a teacher exercising with your whole classroom, check out the ideas below for some help getting started with your kit! 

Kids love being helpers, pick 1 Handee helper to hand out a Handee Band to each member of the group.

  1. Take a minute or two to "warm" the body and hands up first....jump up and down, shake and wiggle, open/close hands, clap, stomp, shrug shoulders up and down, rub hands together, shake out hands and wrists, wiggle fingers.
  2. Now, it's time for the Handee Band!! Each child can place their Handee Band out flat. Look for and find the Handee Prints.  Now place each hand right on top of the Handee Prints.  Ask the group, "hmmmm......are your hands bigger, smaller, or just right?".  Then pitter patter hands or squeeze and release the Handee Prints a few times.  "Now you know exactly where your Handee Prints are!!!" Talking about the size, shape they way the Handee Band feels, or even smells, is a perfect thing to do when learning about the Handee Band.  Don't worry, kids will need reminders of where the Handee Prints are while exercising.  Just say, "Don't forget to find your Handee Prints!!". 
  3. Now, it's time for getting stronger with your Handee Band and Handee Band Book! Kids love taking turns and flipping the pages, picking an exercise and showing their friends the pictures in the Handee Band book.  This is a great idea when you have time, but when you are short on time, pick the exercises you want to do with the kids and get moving! You don't have to do all 15 exercises in the book, just the ones you think the kids can do and get done in the amount of time you have.  You don't have to read all the directions, just use the ideas that fit best! Over time, with routine and practice, kids will be able to do more and you can introduce the more difficult exercises, like Over the Rainbow.  Have fun, count out the exercises, make sound effects, talk about what the pictures look like, reinforce slow movements and the importance of big breaths!!  
  4. When you are done with the exercises you want to do, have a helper collect the Handee Bands.  Have the kids  look at the checklist with you.  Go down the list and ask them the exercises that have been done and then check them off.  Kids love being the one to check off the list and maybe the child that worked the hardest can be a "checker helper".  If check marks are hard, make a dot, an X, a circle, or a happy face.   Briefly, talk about how hard the kids have worked and the importance of exercise to keep a healthy, growing and independent body! I always like to talk about why we need strong carry a back pack, open a snack box, push a box of toys, to kick a ball, hold a pencil, to reach up and pick your favorite toy off of a shelf.  



 Handee Tips:

  • Using the Handee Band without wearing shoes will keep it clean and lasting longer.  This is also a great way for kids to practice taking off and putting shoes back on, at the same time!! :)  
  •  Don't worry about reading all the directions, kids love the pictures and you can exercise with them at the same time for motivation. Kids love to find out the names of each character (look at the stickers) and are motivated to use their imagination with each character.    
  • Place the tripod Handee Band Book on a table or on a chair so it is at a good height for kids to see!
  • Do Handee Band Exercises naturally in your routine, before starting a lesson, for breaks during homework or table top work, during circle time, at centers, before centers, or after coming back from recess.