The Handee Band is such a creative, engaging, fun, easy and effective way to promote health and fitness.  The kit has everything I needed to get started, including a dry erase marker for the children to track their progress and goals.  This book is very easy to follow and has great illustrations to spark that creative mind.  The children seem to have as much fun exercising as they do pretending to be the characters in the book.  I recommend this book to any family looking to make exercise more fun, effective, and familiar.  

- Coach Michael 


I use these at work in blended (special ed/regular ed) preschool classrooms.  The kids love the characters and the instructions are easy to follow.  They really help the preschoolers develop their upper body strength, which helps with developing their fine motor skills. They also help them with self regulation, if they are having difficulty keeping their bodies still for learning times.  Thank you Francesca for sharing them with our school.

-Julie Winn


Everyone loves the Handee Band - so easy and convenient.  The book is so visually appealing and kid friendly.

-Nisha S.


My kids love using their Handee Bands! The characters in the book are cute and inspiring!

-Jennifer P.


 I am VERY excited about our Handee Band Kits!!!! As an Elementary Educator, Health and Fitness Coach and mother of 3, I know how important it is for children to develop and strengthen their muscles and keep their bodies healthy and fit! The Handee Band focusses on developing and strengthening the upper body, core and fine motor skills.

 It's the PERFECT TOOL for many uses, with FUN ACTIVITIES to use with your kids! (and seniors!!! - I came here today to order my 97 year old grandfather one of these kits as well, so he can have simple daily focussed activities to help him stay moving.)

For the preschool aged child, performing tasks such as tying your shoes, gripping and holding their fork and spoon, crayons, even toilet paper! ..anything that is small or requires focused effort, For all you parents looking forward to your child's sports career... IT STARTS YOUNG! ..even gripping and throwing a ball can be improved by using the Handree Band!

I teach and STRONGLY believe in quality penmanship, fine motor skills are crucial for not only learning the proper grip on those pencils and pens but also for the output! Handwriting is an art, a learned art. Quality writing/penmanship for the elementary school-aged child is a learned skill.

My 7 year old loves to take her book and do her activities all by herself. She watches me do my fitness program workouts daily and she loves that THIS is HER OWN!

Great product! I love the Handee Band! ; )

 -Jamie Panziera